About us

Gaffaroğlu Agriculture, established in Turhal district of Tokat in 2005, is an agricultural company with 100 Turkish subsidiaries operating throughout Turkey with the aim of becoming an innovative and leading company in the sector. Gaffaroğlu Agriculture, Organic and Organomineral fertilizers, Drip fertilizers. Leaf fertilizers carry out the production and marketing of trace element products all over Turkey.

In 2006, Gaffaroğlu Agriculture is the Turkish Distributor of Goldhumus peat of Adg Hülskamp, a company imported from Germany. In addition, our company is a supplier to national markets such as Migros, Koçtaş, A-101 and de-Garden Garden products group. It continuously develops its product range with its superior technology and professional team by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground with its honest and reliable trade approach that never compromises on quality. Organic, Organomineral fertilizer and EC Fertilizer, which are produced with high technology in our production facilities with natural resources and modern conditions, aim to take the Turkish agricultural sector a step further with its products.

Increases in the world’s population continue; today, the world’s population of around 7 billion is expected to be 9 billion by 2050. Consequently, research organizations also state that agricultural consumption will increase by 50 compared to today. It is clear that this increase will not be in terms of arable land. Because from the 1960s to the present, there has been an increase of 14, and by 2050 it is expected that this increase will be 10.

Since it is not possible to meet agricultural consumption in the world by increasing arable areas, investments in agricultural technologies are increasing year by year. When these investments were examined, there has been a 15-fold increase since the 2000s. The use of new technologies in world production is important for agricultural production to be done with less loss. Farmers are looking for new technologies to increase productivity and productivity in the agricultural sector. In the coming years, new technologies that will shape agriculture are divided into four areas; sensors, food, automation and engineering.

Gaffaroğlu Agriculture strives to deliver the best quality products to our farmers and to make the agricultural sector in Turkey the world leader. It provides products and services that will ensure that our farmers receive their labour properly and achieve high yields.

By constantly renewing ourselves and developing new technologies, we are on our way to becoming the leading company in the agricultural sector. With what we have accomplished in 15 years, we have proven that we are a leading organization in the sector. With the importance we attach to teamwork, we have become an organization that is respected by our name and posture.

With our 100 organic products that are environmentally conscious and non-toxic, leaving a livable world for future generations is our biggest goal and mission. Gaffaroğlu Agriculture is not only a commercial organization, but also a socially responsible, cultural and scientific organization that attaches importance to cultural and scientific activities and respects nature.